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Park Chesme-nabati-Yasouj

(7 رای)

Park Chesme-nabati-Yasouj  with an area of ​​over 11 hectares, including Yasuj urban parks, is considered one of the most important places of interest for the people of Yasuj and tourists after the coastal park and the province.


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The beautiful and natural "vegetation spring" is located in the middle of the city of Yasuj, which has a fresh, fresh, beautiful spring that is called the "Fountain of Springs". The spring that once was not far away was the most important natural recreational area in the city of Yasuj, and the source of water supply for the fertile fields of rural areas around Yasuj, such as Tel Zali, Zittel, and Dolatabad.

  • Specific information

    : Yasuj Garden Park has beautiful landscapes created for the benefit of the citizens and can attract the attention of many tourists as well as the people of Yasuj to spend their leisure time and leisure.
  • More Info

    A large part of this area has been captured by the profiteers and some departments with the increasing expansion of the city of Yasuj and urbanization, causing damage to this natural and pristine area with unproductive housing.
    The Yasuj vegetable spring was gradually dying due to the neglect of the dying urban population, and the inhabitants of this region, especially the older ones, looked regrettably to the fountain of fountains and expected authorities to save the beautiful Yasuj nature's beautiful heart from the destruction as soon as possible.

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