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Park El Goli Tabriz

(7 رای)

El Goli Park or Shah Goli Park is one of the most important tourist attractions of Tabriz city, located in the southeast of this city, 7 km from the center of the city. With its amusement, recreational facilities and green space suitable for one of the main promenades of Tabriz Has become.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Tabriz - Bakeri Boulevard.

The beautiful Ellie Goli Park has a mansion and a swimming pool and recreational facilities such as Luna Park Town Hall, as well as several innings.
The depth of the Shahgali Lake is 12 meters and is rolled into the area. Lake Shahlahi with 5.5 hectares of breadth, has a capacity of 720000 cubic meters of water. One of the branches of the Lighuan River, which runs through the Chawan village, enters it in a small stream from the southeast of Shahgali Lake and supplies it with water.
The Octagonal Cloistle Mansion, located in Shaghuli Lake Center, known as Shah Goli Palace, is now used as a welcoming hall. The building was once a brick-and-mortar building. The Tabriz Municipality destroyed the previous building in 1966 and constructed a new two-story mansion in its place. Shahgali palace was built during the reign of Sultan Yaqub Aghouyunlu and expanded during the reign of the Safavids. Hero Mirza (the son of Abbas Mirza's eighth son) also completed the mansion and built it as a royal walkway for Qajar courtiers.

  • Background information

    This place was created at the time of the Agu Quillon and expanded in the Safavid period.
    Before the Safavids had come to power, Shahgoli had been the largest reservoir for irrigation of the gardens of the eastern regions of Tabriz to the gates of Tehran and Talpy Bagh. During the rule of the Safavids, all the sand and debris in the inner area of the current lake were empty and stone walls were pulled around.
    During the Qajar era, around the Shahzali pool, streets were built for traffic, and next to these passages, Tabriz trees, insect tulips, and several petunique flowers were planted in several rows to decorate the pavement and purify the weather.
    During the Pahlavi era, Shahgoli was transferred to the Tabriz Municipality to become a public walkway. East Azerbaijan Provincial Governor Sayed Baqir Kahimi (Mahzbaldoule) made the first major overhauls on the site. In the king's pool, there is an octagonal cloakroom mansion that is used today as a welcoming hall and is known as the King of the Shah's Palace. The building was formerly a brick building destroyed in 1346, and with the help of the municipality of Tabriz and the governorate, it was replaced by a beautiful building.
  • Outlook

    A relatively hilly hill in the southern part of Shahgoli Lake, which is planted and numerous artificial waterfalls flowing from the hill into the lake. From the southern side of the lake to its center and the place of Shahgali Palace, it has been stretched out to have a peasant mansion as a peninsula.

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