Park Toba Tabriz (Boostan Mafakher)

(39 رای)

Park Toba Tabriz (Boostan Mafakher) is one of the beautiful and literary Gardens of Tabriz which houses the tombs of people such as Bagher Khan and Baghcheh Ban and others.

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  • Address : Tabriz - Fourth Way Abresanan - Azadi Avenue - next to Touba Mosque.

Boostan Mafakher Tabriz, or Boostan Tobaieh, is one of the Tabriz Gardens located in the Abersan neighborhood, on the edge of the Azadi Highway, with an area of 15,000 square meters.

  • Background information

    Previously, it was dedicated to a large garden belonging to Hajj Reza Toubay, a merchant of Tabriz. He later devoted his garden to the Tobaee cemetery.
  • Specific information

    The location of the park and the mosque Touba, located next to the park.
    In this cemetery, a number of Azerbaijani celebrities including Bagherkhan, Ayatollah Mirza Fattah Shahidi, Reza Toobi and Mohammad Nakhjavani have been buried. Currently, the cemetery has become "Mafakher Park" and part of the park has been dedicated to the Azarbaijan monument.

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