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Park of Mehrverzai Yasuj

(19 رای)

: Yasouj Mefourzare Park is one of the most famous busters of this city, which offers convenient recreation and amenities such as artificial lake, coffee shop, health services, cycling track, soccer field, volleyball, tennis, Iranian medicinal gardens. And foreign and ... and is welcomed by tourists and citizens in this regard.


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  • Address : Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad - entrance to the city of Yasouj

Yasouj's love park with 25 hectares is located at the entrance of Yasuj city and is located on the current river of Bashar, which has made the beauty of the Yasuj park of love.

  • Facilities

    An artificial lake with an area of 10,000 square meters, a coffee shop with a total area of 200 square meters, health services, greenery and 10 hectares of trees, as well as a pedestrian and cycling track of Yasuj's love park facilities.
    In addition to these, football fields, volleyball, tennis courts, water channels for use by farmers in Akbarabad, traffic jams, parking lots in three parts of the park, a collection of markets, a carriage ride track and the creation of a musical fountain are among the facilities seen in Yasuj's love park. Has been.

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