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Parke velayat of Yasouj Province

(25 رای)

velayat Yasouj Province Park is known as one of Yasuj's main hotspots with an area of ​​more than 15 hectares, which is prominent on the city's river and in the form of a hill, for this reason has a beautiful landscape and good weather for the tourists to use. And Yasuj citizens.


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: Boushan Yasouj Province is one of the new parks and recreational areas of the city that is both beautifully and with other Yasuj parks. In the park of Yasuj, a 2 km long roundabout car park is anticipated that there will be no car presence. Yasouj Province Park is located almost in the center of the city and has provided good access to the citizens.

  • Specific information

    Yasuj Province Park is actually the first city park that has a cycling track, and there are also playgrounds and walking paths.

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