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Parque Eller Baghi of Urmia

(31 رای)

Urmia Ellerbaghi ​​Coastal Park is the largest park in Urmia, which is located along the river Shahrechai and is located on Valfajr Street.

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  • Address : West Azarbaijan Province - Orumiyeh - Valfajr St

Park Eller Garden has an area of over 41 hectares and an artificial lake with a total area of 2.5 hectares with a capacity of 14,000 cubic meters of water serving a number of boats for citizens and tourists.

  • Facilities

    Urmia Park Eller Garden has facilities such as an open-air amphitheater, a cycling track, a health path, children's playgrounds, a boat ride, a family-run living area, beautiful cellar, a passage of celebrities, a car park, and a freeway.
  • More Info

    Among the plans that are included in the Urmia Municipal Managers' Agenda for the development of this beautiful park, one can create a skating rink, a garden of birds, a flower garden, running the middle of the river, and .... Cited.

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