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Pas e Qaleh village

(40 رای)

In the most northerly points of Tehran there is a recreational village with cool climate known as Pas e Qaleh. The village dates back to before the advent of Islam.

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  • Pas e Qaleh village
  • Pas e Qaleh village
  • Pas e Qaleh village
Pas e Qaleh village Pas e Qaleh village Pas e Qaleh village مشاهده گالری

This ancient village is located at the end of Sarband and Darband summer area, which is within 2 km of Shemiran. This village is sur- rounded by Imamzadeh Ghasem to the east, Darkeh Mountains to the west, Tochal summit to the north, and Sarband and Darband to the south. This village is the main route for shelters and the sights of northern Tehran such as Shirpala, Tochal, Espeed Kamar, Sharvin, Ason, and Sootak waterfall..

  • Background information

    The history of this village dates back to pre-Is- lamic times. The remaining signs of the ancient Iranian civilization are an obvious evidence for the claim that the pottery that was discovered in the excavations shows that in the current location of Siyej Hill the palace of Miran Shah (pre-Islamic Iranian king) was located. According to the residents, there used to be an inscription in this place that was translated from the Pahlavi Ashkani language by the Russians during World War II and taken away with them
  • Best time

    No Limit - Spring is very beautiful.

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