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Piranshahr Khalakpour waterfall

(34 رای)

Khrapap waterFalls is one of the natural attractions of West Azarbaijan province, located in the city of Piranshahr.

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Mountains The forests of the valleys and rivers of the Piranshahr area have been hand in hand to give every visitor a chance to admire this viewer by drawing beautiful and unique signs of nature. One of these beautiful and unique views is the turbulent and turbulent cascade that flows through the forests of the green headland. The donkey in the Kurdish language means a beautiful place with plenty of water. This beautiful waterfall is located in the mountains of the city of Piranshahr. The locals know the area as "Zhevan".

  • Specific information

    Lush forests and good weather forests are located 22 km south of Piranshahr and on the way of Piranshahr Road to Sardasht. The flow of a permanent river and the promontory that is one of the main sources of the Zab river is small and added to its beauty. These forests, which extend through the continuous snowfalls of the Iranian-Iraqi borderlands, draw attention to every kind of nature.
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    Mountains covered with forest trees and vegetation and a massive and flowing river passage make Kurdistan one of the most beautiful parts of Iran.

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