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Pootk Samirm WATERFALL

(13 رای)

The height of the Samarkand Potok Falls is about 2,424 meters above sea level. Therefore, it is possible to say that the Dotan Waterfall is located in the mountainous region of Isfahan province. Potock Waterfall Cascade is located at 3.5 km Dena Protected Area and 4 km away from the Sepah Water Reservoir Station with a special position. The height of the Potock Waterfall is about 15 meters, and the way to reach it is a little difficult.

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Pootk Samirm WATERFALL in two steps and from the massive rocky cliffs of the Dena mountain range down to the bottom and has a very beautiful view.

  • Specific information

    Over 70 km of the Dena Highlands, more than 40 peaks (49 peaks) above 4,000 meters, and several large and small snow flats and glaciers, especially on the northeastern wing. Divide the Dana mountain range into several parts. The typical division is in a way divided into three parts of the Eastern, Western and Central Ridge. The eastern ridge starts from the peak of the old Pachin and extends to the Bijan Crescent. The central ridge starts from the Bijan Corn and extends to the top of the mud. The western ridge begins with the Moore Flower and continues to the whole of Qadvis. The highest peak of this mountain range is Bijan 3 (Fash Mastan), which is located on the central ridge, and the most famous and cultured peak of the peak is called the central pond. Mount Potock is a high and technical highland of the Dena mountain range, located on the western ridge.
  • Must know

    The access route to this cascade is separated from the western part of the Khafar village, extending along the Gudbar valley, leading to the tributary of the Kaladon and Potok rocks.

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