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Port Henza

(5 رای)

Port Henza, a beautiful village located in the Rabr district, Baft city and along the Jiroft Baft road, is located 15 km from the Sarduyeh section and is considered one of the tourism areas of Kerman province.

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Get off the main road to Henza, and after passing about 10 km of a rugged soil road, we reach the beautiful valley that has spread the walnut trees, green creeks near its rushing river. Peoples with saha, hospitality and hostesses will be a representative and reliable destination for any tourism.

  • Specific information

    If you put foot in the nature of the harbor and need a sincere and yet simple and affectionate affection, do not forget to ask the old hunk of the harbor.
  • Must know

    Distance from Kerman, Rhine-Sarduerie Route 175 km and Bassjanjan-Route 210 km.

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