Protected area of copper

(41 رای)

Protected area of ​​copper is located 205 kilometers southeast of the provincial capital and 20 kilometers south of Bam city and covers an area of ​​45800 hectares.

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The maximum height of 3400 m is related to rock mass (Ghadamgah) and a minimum height of 1550 m near the Talboor plain.
Due to the location of the northern part of the region on the margin of dry and warm Lut and the southern part of the mountainous areas, the climate of the Barri region is very dry, semi-warm to cool, with warm and dry summers and mild winters.

  • Specific information

    Among the remarkable points about the natural design of the proposed rock mass area, we can refer to the altitude variation of the habitat and the establishment of the vegetation. The existence of desert lands, rivers and daisies in the Bam region to the beginning of the area - the Aduri and Talboor Plains, which lacked any vegetation, and then witnessed the establishment of a variety of herbaceous species, in particular artichokes and species, in the northern and western grasslands. Eventually, the emergence of forest types in the mountainous areas. Regarding the geology of the region, it should be noted that 50% of the sediments are related to the Eocene, which includes granodiorite sediments, siltstone, dacite and rhizobium. In the northern portions of the Tertiary-Palaeogene deposits with fusion structure, including Andesite, Agglomerate, Conglomerate and a small amount of Volcanic sediments, sediments are observed in relation to the Upper Cretaceous, and travertine, limonite and pyroclastic lime and a small amount of sediment Lithoclase. The slope is mainly between 0 and 14 percent, and in the southern and western parts of the slope is dominated by 14 to 38 percent. The predominant part of the northwest is northeast, and in the west, southwest, and southwest, the slope has shifted to the northwest to the south east.
  • Outlook

    According to the environmental personnel of Bam and local people in the region, the proposed area of stone copper has had several hundreds of hemlock, whole, goat, and ram stock flourished three decades ago. Unfortunately, due to the insecurities of the decade Now all rams and ewes of the region have been destroyed, but with the efforts of environmental co-workers of the region, the total population and the goat to be restored. According to the latest information, the total population and goat area are 140, the Quebec, 2000, and Taio, up to 1,000 pieces. In the past few years, carnivorous peoples, including leopards, wolves, jackals and foxes, have also increased, which has contributed to the benefits of the region's livestock breeders. It is worth noting that in recent years indigenous peoples of the region have confirmed the presence of at least one black bear in northern parts of the region in the last few years. (Other information in Table 2).

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