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Qare Gheshlagh Bonab Wetland

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Qare Gheshlagh Lagoon is located on the south coast of Lake Urmia in the suburbs of Bonab city and is one of the natural beauty of East Azarbaijan province.

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Qare Ghashlagh Bonab Wetland is famous for the beauty of a variety of animal and plant species in the northwest of the wetlands. The area of the Qare Gheshlagh region is 40,000 hectares.

  • Background information

    Qare Gheshlagh wetland has been banned since 1364 as a hunting g Feature: Qare Gheshlagh wetland every year in the cold zone, the mammoth of thousands of migratory birds that migrate to this region from the fires, especially the deadly Siberian cold. There are 185 species of native and migratory birds, numerous mammals, rare and rare species of vegetation and aquatic fauna in the Qare Gheslagh wetland representing the richness of this habitat as one of the main natural habitats. Chicken, Flamingo, Drena, Duck, Anzheut and Quebec goose are among the birds that live permanently in this habitat, and now there are 70 chicken eggs from very rare and endangered birds, in the Garhe Gheshlagh lagoon He continues his life. It is also possible to name ghazn, nay, palm and spinach family plants as species index of vegetation in Qare Gheshlagh wetland round.
  • More Info

    The wetland and the region of Qare Gheshlagh are located in the Sufi Chay River and the southern part of the Urmia Lake National Park, south of East Azarbaijan, between the cities of Bonab and Miandoab and the middle.

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