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Qiz castle

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Qiz Castle is located 3 km south-east of Hur district in the southern village of Namin, Ardabil province.

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Qiz castle is a natural castle and is less used by the fortifications of man-made construction. According to historical narratives during the Sassanid era, the entrance to the castle was from its eastern side.

  • Background information

    Archaeologists attribute this castle to the first millennium BC.
  • Specific information

    This castle was registered on the tenth day of January 2002 in the number 6692
  • More Info

    The name sake of Qiz castle or castle of the girl, is t that in the ancient and vast land of Iran, there are now dozens of castles called castle girls or castle fortresses, dozens of villages, as well as dozens of old bridges with the same name. There is a legend about Qiz castle or girl castle, which says that a girl has ruled over the fortress that had been crooked by her talisman. But historical research has proven that the naming of the word Qiz or the girl on these castles certainly has a special cause. According to the studies of Lady Boyce and the ancient Persian of Paris, castles and bridges that use the girl's name in their names; such as the girl's bridge, forty girl, the castle and ... have a direct relationship with the Zoroastrian Divine Assembly.

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