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Quir Behbad

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Kaveh Behbad is one of the Kerman Province of Kerman province, which is bounded north with Kavir Saghand, from the east by Kavir Lut and the Naibandan Wildlife Refuge and the western part of the city with Bafgh. East Beor Behbad along with its adjacent area, Najbandan is one of the most sought after deserts in Iran.

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The general shape of the Behbad area is drawn in two parallel elevations along the northwest - southeast, and its highest elevation is in the asphyxes (5.5 km south of jafarabad and the common border of Kerman) with a height of 3069 metro, its lowest point with altitude 1045 meters in the outlet of the salt river.
In terms of erosion, the rocks of the south, southwest and west regions are more vulnerable to erosion and weathering, which has led to high altitudes, which is the main source of nutrition in the groundwater table of the region.
In contrast to the eastern and western heights, due to their low contrast to erosion, they have lower altitudes, more often in the form of hills and low mountains, whose precipitation is much lower and does not play a role in feeding groundwater.

  • Specific information

    Rud (saline) is the most important river in the region, which is located in the plain of the Quirigirian Plain and originates from the Asphytic Mountains and the Namesti Mountains and flows to the Quirim Plain. The surface of the basin is 1650 km2 and has a hydrometric station at a depth of 1325 m. Basin 0
    A kind of river in the drainage basin is the main flow of that season and the source of its nutrition is rain, snow and springs, with an average annual discharge of 85% cubic meters per second.
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    Behbad section is located in Kaviri region and is located in warm and dry weather with very hot and dry summers and mild or cold rainy winters. The wind as well as other parts of Yazd province is important in this area, and the flow of sand and streams of sand is worsening of plains and mountains in the sandy storms and speeds up to 90 km / h.
    Most of the rainfall occurs in the winter, and after that, it is very small in the spring and autumn periods, and summer rainfall in the post-zero areas and in the highlands.

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