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Quir Haj Ali Gholami Damghan

(52 رای)

Kavir Haj Ali Gholli Damghan is one of the Querie provinces of Semnan Province, located in the southeast of Damghan. From the deserts close to this area, you can reach the area of ​​60 km to the east and the Kavir plain (Great Quay) at a distance of 100 km to the south.

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Haj Ali Gholi with a total area of 2391 square kilometers, with a slope to the southwest and between 1050 and 1094 meters above sea level.
The two main rivers of the desert, both of which originate from the Alborz Mountains, are Damghan River, which has a large conifer on the northwest margin of this desert, and the other is the Hassan Abad River that enters the desert from the northeastern margin. This river has a valley at a depth of 5 meters inside the desert. In addition, the two rivers enter the other rivers from the southwest and east to the desert, which are less water than the main rivers and generally dry in the early summer.

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    This desert is limited to the mountains of the state of Diyar, the mountains of the mountains and the Turkmen Gad in the southwest to the mountains of Kuh 5 and Sorkh Mountains, from the west to the Euphrates village from the north to the desert of Damghan and from the east to the Mount Ahwand .
    Damghan desert has different desert levels, ie alluvial coniferous, clayey, wetland and dandelion. This desert can be divided into 3 parts. The first part, which consists of 47% of the desert, is a type of flat plate of clay or insole, and the second part is wet or swampy, covering an area of about 34% of the desert surface, and finally a central desert farm, with an area of about 19 Desert level is%.
    Insoles pages
    The total surface of the clay plates is 1124 square kilometers and is adjacent to the desert margin. The texture of these sedimentary compositions is sandy clay, which is very hard in dry conditions and is very licking in winter and spring. These dry seasoning pages, especially in the northern part of the desert, have not evolved well enough because of the flatness and toughness of the excavation.
    Soak area
    The wetland or permanent swamp basically surrounds the central saltwater grove and covers an area of about 801 square kilometers. So that only in the summer can be distinguished from the two insoles and marshes. Wetland to salt
    The lowest section of the desert has an area of 466 square kilometers and is planted asymmetrically and plate-shaped on the southwest margin of the desert. The saltiness is from the forehead and seasonally covered with water. About 60% of the surface of this salt is covered with clear floors. The average diameter of this multi-axis is 125 meters. Each of these large polygons is made up of smaller facets. There are several other wet soils in the eastern and western waters of the saltwater.

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