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Rajah Rafsanjan (Rajah Geo Park)

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Geopark Valley Rajah is one of the wonderful and wonderful attractions of Iran and Kerman province, which has been formed due to the phenomenon of erosion in the plain of Rafsanjan. In the Ragh Rafsanjan Valley, instead of the clofts instead of the winds, we see water erosion in order to design an overtone cloth in the heart of the earth in an artistic way.

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Geopark of Rajah Rafsanjan valley in Kerman province with a depth of 70 meters and the presence of numerous springs of springs in depth of the earth is one of the most ancient and most beautiful desert areas in the country.
In the desert around the famous city of Rafsanjan there is a 20 km long valley and a depth of 70 meters, creating a magnificent scenic view of 180 meters across. The interesting point is that the flow of a permanent gayatri river is in the depths of the valley, Valleys experts are formed due to alluvial erosion, and due to the continuing erosion of some of the parts of the valley is changing.

  • Specific information

    Ragh Kerman valley with 180 meters wide, 70 meters deep, 20 kilometers long and 36 thousand hectares has an area of great glory; this beautiful attraction at first glance stare at the eyes of every visitor and stunned the power of Allah Almighty Creating this phenomenon is a natural phenomenon.
    Those who travel to the province of Kerman to naturally visit this natural phenomenon naturally and witness the pristine and divine phenomenon that brings a new life to the human being at any moment.
    The valley is the result of the eroding of the water of the permanent river of Giudor, and is related to the fourth quarter of geology (Quaternary), and is estimated to be about 20,000 years old.
    You have to come and see yourself, so that the beauty of these landscapes roots deep into your existence, and then come to the head of the creator of beauties and take pleasure in praise.
  • Outlook

    Rage valley in the northwest of Kerman province and in the eastern southern part of Rafsanjan city are on the path of tourism two ecotouristic attractions of the province - Meymand Historical Village and Shahdad Koolot.
    A remarkable point about the geopark area in the Ragh-kerman Valley is the unique existence of wildlife in the region, which includes Eagle, Drag and Quebec, and this valley with the first protected area, which is considered to be a refuge in Kerman province, is only a few Kilometers away, and the presence of this animal has also been reported by locals in the area.
    On the other hand, the erosion of the water in the region has caused a very beautiful shape in the walls of the Raghe Valley, which has added to the beauty of the area.
    The beauty and uniqueness of this valley is such that some of this area with the plain of Kaluthi Shahdad in terms of tourism potential is also stone and the officials of Kerman province, especially in the cultural and provincial part of Rafsanjan is planning to develop tourism Are in this area.
  • Must know

    The depth of the Raja Valley is high, so you can not enter the valley from any point.
    Be sure to go early in the morning. Waking up at 10 o'clock, he could not reach anything.
    Make sure you have food and water.
    Please collect your garbage and leave no garbage in nature.
    In times of unstable weather and severe winds and storms (due to the throwing and falling of stone from the walls), traffic in the valley is dangerous.
    Also, do not go to the Ragh Valley during the rainy days due to flooding.
    Enjoy the third Geopark of Iran to watch and see the valley of Rajah Rafsanjan.
  • Requirements

    hat - shoes suitable for the plains and mountains - glasses - sunscreen - photo cameras - garbage bags.
  • More Info

    In order to enrich the leisure time of tourists and residents of the region, there will be a recreational, recreational and sports attraction around the campus, including endurance cycling, camping, horse and riding carriage, the four-wheel drive, rappel, walking width The valley is crossed by a suspended bridge, a bungie jumping (jump), sledding in the valley, rock climbing, desert rally competitions, flying with paratrooper parsons, traverse flying events, zipper lines, astro tourism or astronomy tourism .... will be.

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