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Randan Sulaghan

(25 رای)

Randan village is a village on the northern slopes of the capital, 20 kilometers from Tehran, although it is a bit distant from Tehran, but it still remains intact. The population of this village is low, they are mostly engaged in livestock and gardening.

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Randan is located at the foot of the mountain and his trees are so blessed that these days, when you look away from them, you seem to have a white snow and pink covering the branches. The villagers spend most of their time with horticulture and livestock, and the village is surrounded by gardens filled with apple trees, peaches, cherries and cherries.

  • Specific information

    This village has not yet encountered the fate of many villages in the north of the country, where it still retains its traditional texture and the street after its alleys is not crowded with strangers, nor has anyone crippled the violets, their gardens and its endings, and the planes and The tongue has been tucked up by a long loop under the pretext of a cellar. The village of Randan is still indifferent and it is a feature that makes it possible to send you a message to rest near the waterfall of the glittering waterfall and to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Outlook

    dan waterfall is located at an altitude of about 2200 meters above sea level, and its distance from the village is about 2 km. To reach the waterfall, you need less than an hour of walking along a fairly smooth slope along the Randan River. In this way, sometimes you have to cross the wooden and rocky bridges, and if the river is full of water, sometimes you have to continue your path by crossing the riverbed rocks. Sometimes you pass through the cherry and cherry gardens, and sometimes from the cliffs of the small and large ... The exciting thing is that there is no way to see the cascade in the last few minutes. At the end of the route, leaving behind a fairly steep slope, the beautiful waterfall of Randan appears across the valley at once. On the warm summer days, you can walk to the waterfall and make your face look like pleasant droplets of water.
    Randan Waterfall A beautiful, water-filled cascade with an approximate height of 40 meters, located at the highlands of the north-eastern village of Randan. To reach this waterfall, you must enter the valley in the direction of the east (the valley to the right of the village) and move up the river in the opposite direction. After about an hour's walk, you will be on a sloping path and fairly smooth to the Randan Waterfall.
    _Second season: Summer months are dehydrated seasons. So if you want to see the Randan Waterfall at its glorious peak, do not come to Randang in the summer to mid-spring, and you'll end up in the spring season too.
  • Must know

    At the beginning of the village, you see an estate consultant on the right. 50 meters ahead is a dirt road that runs down the road and into the village. Go inside the village to the end of the road and park your car at the end of the road. Continuing the road is a walk to the waterfall that runs past the river. The beauty of these paths will be when the cherry and cherry trees grow green and blossom into the rain.
  • Facilities

    The village of Randan has a mosque called the Imam Hassan Mujtaba (AS) mosque, which hosts Hosseini and Ta'zieh mourning annually.
  • More Info

    To visit the waterfall of Randan village, you should cross the cherry, cherry and peach gardens and sometimes from the cliffs of the small and large, and the interesting and exciting thing is that you will not see the waterfall until the last few minutes. At the end, leaving behind a relatively steep but short slope, the beautiful waterfall of Randan appears across the valley at once. If you go to the Randan Waterfall during the hot summer days, you can go to the waterfall and enjoy the splashes of droplets and water in your face.
  • Source

    Village Wiki - Web site of Armanaghan Aryan - Climbing group of Moharram
    Photos: Mountaineering website, Life joy

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