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Rapal Ahwaz Stone Park (Rawal Koharsaran)

(51 رای)

If you are looking for excitement and adventure in the city on trip to Ahwaz, we suggest that you do not miss Raleigh Riding in Ahwaz Stone Park.

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In the fun move to create a sense of joy and joy in the youth and provide a varied and healthy amenity to the municipality, this project has been implemented. Rappel is a thrilling sport that involves landing from a certain height to a zero point and passing through the specialized tools associated with it.

  • Specific information

    The country's longest rappel air was launched in the Kuhsaran Park of Ahwaz water source, which was launched on the archipelago of Kohansar. In this ancient site, where more than 100 students and students have been discovered, they are said to belong to the Parthian period but have been accidentally found by one of Khuzestan's cultural heritage.

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