Ravour Wildlife Refuge

(32 رای)

Ravar Wildlife Refuge is located near the northernmost city of Kerman province and has a very high biological diversity, so that most of the province's plant and animal species live in the city.

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Ravor wildlife sanctuary is located at 5642 and 3124 in northwest and east of Ravar, north of the mountains of Tabas, from the west to the calved heights and Marrakesh, from the south to the elevation of the blade. Black and Ghaffar and from the east to the slopes and the Lut desert.

  • Background information

    The wildlife sanctuary of Darband Rhordar is located in Raworak, and one of the important habitats of the Asian cheetah in the province, which the General Directorate of the past years has been pursuing the upgrading of the area due to the corridor of this animal is endangered. Fortunately, in 2008, coordination and The cooperation between the Asian Cheetah Project Office and the field visits of the distinguished experts of the Office of the Region, it was decided to take measures to promote the level of the region. Therefore, the map of the region is prepared by the Department of Natural Environment of the Ministry of Environment.
  • Specific information

    The lowest point of the wildlife sanctuary in Ravar, the Lut desert with a height of 450 meters above sea level and the highest point, Lakkouh altitudes with an elevation of 2976 meters above sea level.
  • Outlook

    In recent years, due to droughts, in order to provide safe and safe water, a number of water storage, drainage and air pump systems are installed and regularly watered in the area. Nevertheless, in the event of a drought, more than 15 other reservoirs are required in the area, and measures must be taken.
    B) The number of required outposts (by location on the map): This area requires 3 security guard posts in areas A; - the area of Darband b; - Pahlavan Garden Area;
    C) The number of vehicles needed: Regarding the mountainous and plain area and the area of the area, there is a need for a car assistance unit and five motorcycle trailers in the area.
    D) The number of required personnel: Due to the area of the area and boarding patrols in the area, at least 10 people are required to work at the bar and 3 are experts.
    E) Other Needs: This area requires a wireless repeater system and the installation of three motherboard and wireless devices for better communication between the General Directorate, the Environmental Protection Agency of Rawr City and the guard stations of the important communication needs in the region.
  • More Info

    : Given that the Ravar Wildlife Sanctuary Area is the only habitat for the Asian Panthols in Kerman province, the need for patrol and continuous control with the number of barracks is sufficient and in the future it is possible to upgrade the level to the National Park. To be

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