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Reggae Ring and Reggilan Lut

(61 رای)

Rig Julan is located in the Kerman province and northwest of Sistan and Baluchestan province. Rig Julian is in fact a rectangular rectangular shape that has a north-south ridge.

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The distance from the north to the south of Reggar is about 150 km and its eastern west is about 70 km. The ridge of the hills has a southwest - northeastern direction, which in the northern regions, these slopes are more directed to the north and in the eastern parts of the eastern western direction. It is limited to the Lut Central hole from the west, to the north to Ten Shalam from the east to Nosrat Abad, SPI and Okuhuran altitudes, and to the south and southwest to Lut Zangi Ahmed and Kal Shalut Lut, until the Baloch river continues.

  • Background information

    At the time of the Achaemenids, in the eastern part of Lut, the tribes lived in the aristocracy. Arial is an Avesta word, meaning a skilled rider. This people, whom we now know as Baluch people, have made a great contribution to Cyrus in the wars of the east of Iran, and they were therefore his case. In such a way that they were exempted from payment of taxes and their names were not mentioned in the Bisotun inscription as a payer. Arian writes in the book of the history of the tribes of Iran: "The people, with much help to Cyrus at the court of the Achaemenids, found a great deal of respect and respect and had a degree of autonomy in their region. Macedonian Alexander conquered Iran after the conquest of Iran, and rebuffed their territories. Greek historians have praised the people of Arispion and have considered them as an example of progressive and secular clans. Unfortunately, many of the historical names of the Luttian regions have become unnecessary changes, and has made it difficult to reconcile current places with historical works. Therefore, descriptive studies of historical sites should be followed, and the correct name of many of the villages around Lut is to be identified so that the geographic names of the spell are not captured or the old names of them are not replaced. For example, Nosrat Abad, who had the old and historic name of SPI or SIPI, was at the time of the first Pahlavi due to the reputation of the local ruler of Nusrat Abad. Below is a corner of the historical regions of the Rig Yilan.
  • Specific information

    The height of the plain floor is about 550 meters in the western marginal areas of the plain, about 530 meters in the eastern border, and about 830 meters in the eastern part. The slopes of western areas are reduced westward to the center of the lute pit. In the eastern margin of the Rig Yelan, this slope is rising to the east.
  • Outlook

    The height of the hills is increased from the south to the center, and by moving north they are reduced to the height of the other hills of the area. These sandy hills, despite the direction of the southwest of the northeast of the Rig Yilan body, are completely southern in the northern part of the South and divided the Rig Yelan into two eastern and western regions. At the foot of this sandy wall there is a massive sandy funnel that has a huge sumptuous bead that has peppered to the peak. The formation of this area is volcanic altitude, which has been covered by sandy soils over time. The presence of two prevailing winds in the region, one from the southwest towards the northeast and the other from the south-east to the northwest, has led to the creation of such a huge wall of sand in the regent of Yelan.
  • Best time

    The humidity of the region in the winter is about 30% and in summer decreases by about 10%. The height of the hills rises from north to center and decreases from center to south again. In the southern part of the Rig Yelan, the hills are linked to the southwest westward, and eventually to the western west Loot. This area is located in the Lut division, in the South Lut area or Lut Zangi Ahmed, which is beyond the scope of this article.

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