Resgesh Sardasht

(45 رای)

Razjeh waterfall in Alan area, 13 km south of Sardasht city and on the edge of Sardasht communication road to Razjeh is one of the natural attractions of West Azarbaijan province.

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Razege Sardasht waterfall is at an altitude of 1150 meters from the sea level and falls 2 feet above the high cliffs. In the north of this cascade and near the village of Shlammash is the famous waterfall of Shalmash.

  • Specific information

    Sardasht's path to the Shalmash waterfall is a beautiful, full-bodied path. The road is asphalt and is suitable. Sardasht is one of the Kurdish and border towns of West Azerbaijan province, which is located in the south of the province and is bordered by some of the Kurdish regions of Iraq.
  • Outlook

    In the spring, the waterfall of Rosegard Sardasht spends its most abundant days. The weather is cold until mid-May, but from May 1st until mid-fall, it can be a good time to travel to the area.

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