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Rig Mig Mast

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Rig Mig Mast  which is also known as the Drinking Well; in the southwest of Semnan province and in the northwest of the area is protected by the National Park of Kavir. Due to the presence of wet and muddy clay grounds, the area remains very vile and unknown despite the close proximity to civilization centers, including Garmsar and Varamin.

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  • Address : Semnan - Northwest Desert National Park

Drinking ridge, from the north to the swamps of the Varghi river and the mountain sulfur, from the south to Nakhjir Highlands, to the east to the desert central plains, and especially to the northwest of the Gulf of Jug and from the east to the salt marshes of the Black Mountain plain Is.

  • Specific information

    Important herbs of this region are: Halophyte, Common, Salvia, Ashan, Scissor, Artemisia, Gon, Caravans, Chasherdes, Spades, Chives, Shirkhasht, Wild Almonds, Scenicles and ... Compared to the Iranian Amphibians, Vegetation is very weak.
    Animals of the region; Mammals:
    There are a lot of rabbits, sand foxes, caracas, sandy cats, wild cats, Asian cheetahs, which are the rare species and wildlife symbol of the country.
  • Outlook

    The circle has a wide circle like 10 km in diameter. The altitudes of the canals rarely exceed 30 meters and ascending to the north this height is increased. The direction of the ridge is sandy north of the south and somewhat bent toward the northeast. The high relative humidity in the area due to the presence of permanent salt marshes in the north, as well as the presence of Nakhjir Highlands in the south, which supplies the particles forming this region, is one of the main reasons for its formation in the area. The altitude of the rivers in the northern regions and the proximity of the puffy terrain is about 750 meters long, increasing by 850 along the slopes of the Nakhjir Highlands.
  • Best time

    Rig Mig Mast mushrooms have mild winters and warm summers. The temperature of the area fluctuates between a minimum of 5 degrees and a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is from November to May and in the two months of the year, namely January to February, the rainfall is sometimes snowy.
  • Must know

    The region has made the closest sandstone to Tehran in terms of geographical location. Access to this area is difficult due to wet clay soils in the north, east and west, and in certain seasons of the year.

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