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Rig Shagh (Kavir Matin Abad)

(51 رای)

Mithin Abad, a desert or mountain range, is a desert region surrounded by rivers in the northern city of Badrud and northeastern Echo of Matin Abad camp in Isfahan province.

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  • Address : Isfahan Province - North of Badrood County - Matin Abad

The Rig is a continuation of the Great Rig Rig that extends to the south-eastern part of the ridge as a narrow strip to the north of Badrud. The width of this narrow strip in this area is about 2 km and continues until Imamzadeh Agha Ali Abbas. The height of the sand dunes at the tallest is about 70 meters.

  • Specific information

    Vegetation of the hills is rich in sandstones, mainly in the form of cowpea, horseradish shrubs, gooseberries, nets, nessi and others. Coverage of beetroot sandstone includes jard, toothbrush, sand fox, snake and scorpion, hawthorn, mackerel, and more.
    It is worth mentioning that this area has been in the past not so distant as the Asian hailing habitat, due to various reasons, including the destruction of other habitats in this area.
  • Outlook

    This area from the north to the steppe steppe adjacent to the mountains of Ahabah, known as the plain behind the Rig, from the south to Baudrood, Matin Abad village and Shabadi Talebi, east to the road of Agha Ali Abbas to Badroud and from the west to the sand communities. Rig is limited. The sand dunes in this area are mostly northwest-southeast and are sporadically visible in the region.
  • Must know

    Access to the east of this area through the road to the city of Badrud to Agha Ali Abbas, 6 km long, and then the road to the Brothers Restaurant located in the market of Agha Ali Abbas collection to this area. Also, from the Echo of Matin Abad, the dirt road ends up in the north-easterly direction. The Baudrow Train Station also provides access to the railroad for train lovers.

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