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Rock climbing wall of Sangsar Sol

(5 رای)

rock climbing wall of Sangsar-e-Tulf, is one of the natural rock climbing walls in Iran, located 5 km north of Mahdish Shahr.

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  • Address : Semnan - Mahdishahr city - Dersandar area

Tungsten carbonate is a huge calcareous mass at an approximate height of 250 meters at the highest point and an approximate length of 700 meters.

  • Background information

    In 2009, an international rock climbing festival was held in Sangarz Tub.
  • Specific information

    According to experts, if the appropriate infrastructure is in place, Sangsar TB, located a short distance from the Mahdish-e Sharif Cave, has the potential to become an international attraction.
  • Must know

    Wall tufted germplasm is a very specialized and climbing it individually and without mountaineering equipment is not recommended. Lacking attention to safety issues occasionally causes events on this wall.

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