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Rudbarak of Semnan

(6 رای)

Rudbarak is located in the northeast of Semnan province and the margin of Mazandaran. The geographical position of Rudbarak has created one of the beautiful and beautiful landscapes with beautiful vegetation that provides beautiful scenery for travelers and tourists in the province.

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  • Address : Semnan - City of Mahdishahr - Rudbarak

Roodbarak consists of two parts: Rudbarak high and Rudbarak downhill. The total area of Rudbarak has more than 8 thousand hectares and has 3,000 hectares of rangeland and more than 1500 hectares of agricultural and horticultural farm.

  • Specific information

    Rudbarak is located in the northeast of Semnan province and the margin of Mazandaran. Thus, the beginning of the forest district from the province of Semnan, the main part of which starts from Rudbarak, is a mountainous region, and in the cooler spring with rainfall, and in the summer, the air is cool and In the fall, it is cold and also in winter, and snow is about 1.5 meters high.
  • Outlook

    The local situation of the region is in terms of posh and lofty rocky mountains such as Lepi and the Strait and the rocky hills like the razorite and wide plains like the Serem, Turchal, Sarkouh, Rupi and Abandan, all of which are covered with groves and trees and Various plants have been around them.
  • Recommendation

    The historic monuments of the area include the castle near the Strait with the building materials of Sarouj, Qarlalum, Lalum vault, the bright and dark gorges, the caretaker, the cavernous head of the lamel, which has gypsy chambers, the dual caves They are known as Devilah, Seyyed Chal, his panther (Water Panther), the natural glacier (Rupee), the Garden of the Pad, the Castle of the Neck, the Gandhi (Gandin Water), the Ebn Darya, the Na'vsar (Bodooser), the Wells Lalum (Stone Well: The hole is 3 meters high and about 15 meters high), Chah Khani Alam (Swordfish), Blue mill, Chalayy large, Chalaki small, Chargard, Chalishash, Her horse (White water), Lalum, Capillac, Rock Lepy, Ayurt, Shkorzmin and ...

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