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Saiee Park

(74 رای)

Saiee Park is located in district 6 of Tehran with 12 hectares of surface area. It has more than 15 plant species, and is one of the biggest touristic parks in Tehran.

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  • Saiee Park
  • Saiee Park
  • Saiee Park
  • Saiee Park
Saiee Park Saiee Park Saiee Park Saiee Park مشاهده گالری


  • Price : Free
  • Address : Valiasr St, Tehran, Iran

A part of the park is known as Japanese garden in which the waterfowls are kept. In the wildlife part of the park, other animals are also kept, these animals can be mentioned: rabbit, ram, goose, swan, duck, squirrel, wild parrot, and peacock.

  • Facilities

    Among the entertaining and welfare facilities of this park, these can be mentioned playground, skate field, table tennis, green space, pergolas, culture club, wildlife Park, children’s playground.
    Banoo (sarv) culture club is located in the northern part of the park.
    Various parts of this culture club include education unit with different workshops on designing, painting, music and etc. , library, art gallery, summer terrace and cinema.

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