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Salari House (Nehbandan Museum of Anthropology)

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Salari House is one of the historic houses of southern Khorasan, which has now become a private museum. The old Nehbandan house dates back to the Qajar period, and its name was taken from the previous owner, Mr. Salari.

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The Nehbandan Museum of Anthropology is Salari home to a beautiful historic home in the city of Nehbandan and within the historic fabric of this city with an area of 1800 square meters.
The Salari house has a rectangular plan with a length of 38, a width of 37, a height of 5 meters and an area of 280 square meters. The building also has indoor courtyards, an outer courtyard of entrance and vestibule porches, a lounge, a storage room and three kitchens.

  • Specific information

    The main material of the Nehbandan Housewives was 30 × 30 cement mortar, along with mortar of cement mortar and sand. The remarkable feature of the use of the interior and exterior of the courtyard in the construction is by creating a public and private space by rotating 90 degrees between the two yards and crossing the vestibule. Also, the use of the vaulted vault and brick brick in the building can be considered as other features.
  • Outlook

    The main entrance of the Nehbandan Salari home building is located on the western side, after entering the courtyard of the building, and then by turning 90 degrees to the porch of the courtyard, a corridor on each side. There was a room behind it. After crossing the porch to the central courtyard, there are 2 rooms on each side, which are equally accessible from the central courtyard, and through the corridors that have access to these 12 rooms. And finally, on the southern side of the building, there is a porch like the northern porch, on both sides of which are the corridors that are located behind the aisle, these corridors now have direct access to the central courtyard.

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