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Salasel Castle in Shoshtar

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Salasel castle is located in the Khuzestan province and in the northwest of Shoshtar city near the Shatit River. The castle dates back to some Sassani traditions. But according to Rawlinson, this castle is not the old castle of the Sassanid era.

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Salasel Castle has been rebuilt over and over again, and the devastation that is currently seen is related to the Qajar dynasty. This castle has 2 large, and on the north and northeast side there is a well that leads south to the Daryoun Creek.

  • Background information

    Salasel castle, known to some as Salasel, refers to a person called Abi Salasel who lived in the 4th century and refurbished the castle.
    During the Qajar era, the government of Khuzestan was built on the north side of the castle in 3 floors. Below this castle, it seems that there are five great Shoadan that have been associated with the city's Shoadan.
    The Great Shoadan Castle, which was restored and restored during the Period of Nezam-olsaltane Mafi in 1307. The floor and its walls are decorated with blue tiles and on top of the nearby Shoadan, there is a winding that has been thrown to the tunnel under the fort.
  • Specific information

    This castle is a multi-faceted castle built oval and rebuilt at various times. The towers of this castle are circular and in recent times there are such places as bakeries, stables, baths, barracks, gates, kitchens and many courtyards.
  • Outlook

    At the top of these Shoadan, there are 3 large chambers that carry out air conditioning work, and it seems that military elders were resting in this summer in Shoadan.
    In the northern part of the area there is a large three-storey mansion, the lower parts of which are larger than the other floors, and the highest floor was apparently a theater and a large pond was located there.
    Apart from the defensive role played by Shushtar, this castle has been the control center of the Darion River, as well as the location of the provincial governor of Khuzestan. Despite the destruction of most of the castle, the remaining sections are spectacular.
    Salasel Castle has been refurbished many times. Once by Fath Ali Khan, the son of Vakheshto Khan in the 11th century AH and another time in 1237, by Mohammad Ali Mirza Dowlatshahi, he was restored to the reign of Al-Saltanah Husseinquli Khan Mafi in 1307. In the 40's, the remains destroyed the fortress, and its materials were erected in the western part of the castle building of sugar and sugar and grain and tobacco facilities.
  • More Info

    Salasel Castle was registered in the National Heritage List by the Cultural Heritage of Iran in 1974.

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