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Salt Waterfall

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Kareer National Park: Salt Waterfall, is located within the protected area of ​​Kavir National Park in Semnan Province and near the border of Isfahan Province.

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  • Address : Semnan - Guir National Park

Salt Waterfall Desert National Park that sinks in the form of salt candy from the eroded hill, originates from the shore of the Malek Abad Sea Springs, and then flows to Rig Jin. The presence of salt salts in the uplands and springs led to the water being saturated with salts of salt, and the crystalline salt crystallizes in water and causes such a problem after water loss.

  • Specific information

    This waterfall is located in the south of Nakhjir and west of the Ridge Javan Desert, and is unmatched due to its salt-shaped forms.
    The region's climate is heavily influenced by two climates of the desert plain, which are mostly covered with salt and salt lake, which is located immediately outside of the region on the western side of the park. Although the Desert National Park is covered with steppe and desert plants, the land is plain with plains.
  • Must know

    Due to the fact that this area is within the limits of the National Desert National Park, this area is subject to obtaining permits from the National Desert Park and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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