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Saman Kerman

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Simk is a very beautiful and unique strait in the north of the village of Khorpayeh Kerman, which is considered one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Kerman province.

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  • Address : : Kerman 35 km north of Kerman

The name of the name is very beautiful and unique in the north of the village of Khorpayeh, Kerman. The boundary of the Strait is very small, between three and five meters, and the very long walls surrounding it are surrounded. In the lobla of the cliffs of this strait, the birds' nests have a special effect

  • Specific information

    The waterfalls of the Strait are stairs and stairs. Their height varies from 5 to 15 meters. This narrow strait has been caused by the erosion of the rocky beds of the mountain over millions of years. The valley is very small and about 3 or at most 5 meters. This cascade has tall, blue and cool gullies that are in a desert city. The Sims are most sought after by climbers and climbers due to the need for climbing and climbing.
  • Recommendation

    The availability of suitable facilities and facilities, especially the Simk Camp, which is managed by education and training, has caused many tourists to spend their time in the area throughout the year.
  • Must know

    If we descend from the first cascade, due to the presence of tall walls and hard walls on the right side of the strait, we should descend to the last waterfall to reach the last waterfall. This area is centered on the village of Ten Lulu, comprising 161 villages. After passing the villages The door of Anbar, Simak, Islamabad, Abdul Abad (the mountains cultural and recreational center) and the mill door village are entering Shahid Bahonar camp. From there to the Strait of Simak, which is also called the Darjeband-e-Karkheh, about 3 km of racy roads are suitable.
  • More Info

    This area is centered on the village of Ten Lulu, comprising 161 villages.

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