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Sangar Mountain

(2 رای)

Mount Sangar with a height of 2296 meters is located in the city of Khalkhal, Sangbod district, southern Sangbod district and 35 km west of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Address : Ardebil - Khalkhal - Southern Sangband village

The highest mountain in the Wilkage region and Fandoglu Forest located on the upstream side of the village of Hoor and Sukhashi.

  • Background information

    Mount Sangbar is a residence of the hard-working and hospitable people of Taleshi (known in this region as Gulsha).
  • Specific information

    Mount Sangar has an exceptional location in Fandoglu forests because it is the most endangered and southernmost point of Fandoglu forests and is of special importance in terms of tourism and animal husbandry.
    _Anly sunny: On a sunny day, from the summit of this mountain you can see the unique sceneries of the Talesh Mountains, the sea from the clouds, rocks and valleys covered by the forests of Gilan province and the Fandoglu Mountains of Ardebil, Kuh Sabalan, Sedesqzachi of Ardabil, and the prospect of the Caspian Sea witnessed.
  • Recommendation

    Mount Sangar is one of the most strategic communication areas in the villages of Talesh and Ardebil province.
    In the country, there is a 90-meter rig (clearly seen from the Astara city) that broadcast TV and radio programs in Gilan from Talesh to Astara and in Ardebil, Ardabil and Nimin, and the cities and villages of Ardabil, as well as areas Covering a wide range of countries in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
    Also, the telecommunication tower, with a distance of 150 meters from the rig and lower altitude, also supports a lot of areas for the protection of the telecommunications and telephones.
    These places were exploited before the Islamic Revolution, and with the victory of the Islamic Revolution, new facilities were placed in that place and the height of the mast was also increased and modern buildings were designed and furnished.
  • Must know

    The direction to the mountain is East-West and its geographic coordinates are 4806 and 3741 wide.
  • More Info

    The first snowy winter is sown in the mountains of the mountain range, and most of the winter days are snowy and empty areas of the country. The height of the snow is sometimes up to 3 meters and in the deep valleys, with the avalanche coming to 7 meters.
  • Pros

    Exceptional location and high elevation of the Sanctuary Mountain have made Peak the best point for the construction of a radio station.

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