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Sarakchal is one of summits in central part of Alborz Mountain which is located 24 km north of Tehran.

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  • Sarakchal
  • Sarakchal
  • Sarakchal
  • Sarakchal
Sarakchal  Sarakchal  Sarakchal  Sarakchal  مشاهده گالری

This summit with three other more than 4000m summits are alongside a ridgeline starting from Koloon Bastak (4170m) at west side and end to Sarakchal(4210m) at east side.
Laloon valley is at east, Shemshak valley is at south, and Daryuk valley is at north.
It`s south face is against to Shemshak and in the north face there is a saddle named Varzab which is located between Sarakchal at its south and Borj (4326m) and Kholeno (4387m) at its north.
From south it is connected to Paynesum summit (3350m) and Abak summit (3520m) through a saddle named Lajani. Lajan in Persian means a sort of mud and the name (muddy) is due to the fact that the area is muddy from a spring nearby.

  • Background information

  • Specific information

    This summit (4210m) may be named as the highest peak which can be accessed from Tehran without over-night stay. The only other higher peak(s) which from Tehran may be accessed without over-night stay are Borj(4326m) and Kholeno(4387m), however usually it is more comfortable (and usual) to do them in a one and a half day program.
    This summit is a resource for two rivers, Velayat-rud at north-west and Laloon at north-east.
  • Best time

    May until October is the good time to climb.During July it is more colorful. In October it is also more beautiful.
  • Pros

    There is a shelter on the Southern face of summit. The shelter is named "Lajani Shelter". It is made of stone, cement, and metal sheets. It has been built on 1985. Later there has been some minor changes including installation of alluminum windows.

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