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Sarang Daravararan Saravan

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The dorigators are located about 36 km northwest of Nahok village and 75 km from Saravan city. These rock paintings, which in the small area of ​​the valley reach more than thousands of monograms, are unique in their kind and can be considered as the largest collection of rocks in Iran dating back to 10,000 years old.

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The hunters of the hunting period The subjects that they chose for their art are animals such as wild cows, two mountain goats and mountain goats with large horns stretched to various styles in most of the scenes. Hunters' motifs and human conflicts with each other, and the images of the moon and the sun are other subjects of these rocks
Historical stamps of intrigues The center of the recorded works of various stages of the hunting era is one of the spectacular and historical works of the Saravan city. The existence of a set of creating factors such as a hunting ground, a collection of rocks for painting, has led to a huge number of hunters in the history of dragons.

  • Specific information

    Some of these images have been oxidized over time and their color is dark in terms of the stone surface they are carved on. It is certain that this change may only take place over thousands of years.
    This category of paintings is only distinguished from carvings and relatively brightly colored carvings and are compared to the stone stones carved on it.
    These stones can be considered as the most significant and most important cultural activity of humans in the age of hunting, so that they have been able to draw paintings and drawings on the walls of caves, rocks.
    The positions that they chose for their art are mostly hunting animals such as Bowhush, Benthosht, and a wide-flung mountain goat that can be seen in many styles in most of the scenes. Hunters' motifs and human beings with each other, and the images of the moon and the sun are from other places of the rock.
    The images were hijacked for early humans and hunted for hunting images and believed that there was a psychological relationship between hunting images and hunting, and after the drawing of the pictures they were hunted during a special ceremony. This ceremony is still among the natives Hunter around the world is commonplace
    Regarding the fact that rock art is of particular importance in the study of human societies in the age of hunting, unfortunately, so far, no effective action has been taken to protect this precious human heritage. The daggers are located about 36 km northwest of Nahok Village and 75 km from Saravan.
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    In the past, especially in prehistoric times, humans have traced or created motifs and signs on different levels to convey their messages and concepts.
    Rock paintings are one of the scholarly sources of literature along with other remnants of human life in the past, which is now accessible to those interested in ancient artifacts.
    One of the methods for determining the dating of rock paintings is a careful examination of the past time and the effect of erosion factors on the role of scratches, which largely determines its authenticity.
    Stone paintings show a kind of art at the hands of men at that time, engraving a beautifully crafted life with two forms of embellishment and "engraved" motifs.
    The engravings on the rocks are drawn by male or female hunters for various reasons and purposes, so that the motifs depicted on the rocks of the dwarfs are generally symbolic of a particular origin.
    From the appearance and manner of performing the roles and themes of motifs, one can find old and historical backgrounds of the region, human embroidery or naked designs and animal designs such as horses, wild asses, snakes, cows, dogs and foxes with art. The hands of these people are drawn.
    Looking at Balochistan very well, we are familiar with the diverse mountainous and mountainous terrain, the existence of small rivers among the mountain valleys, a suitable livestock for animals, and the like, a suitable hunter for predators in ancient times, with relatively smooth and Along the rocks, the cliffs make the mountains a good place to draw and record the everyday events of prehistoric times.
    In different cities of Balochistan, "writer" or "rock art" and in some cases many paintings can be seen on the breasts of rocks that have been created in different periods of time.
    Now this art is well seen in the cities of Saravan, Khash, Nikshahr, Qasrkand and Iranshahr, which unfortunately many are unaware of.

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