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Saro Castle

(45 رای)

The pre-Islamic Sara (South) castle is a historical post-Islam era and is located in Semnan, 30 km north of the city, and it was registered on December 5, 2001 as one of the national works of Iran.

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Saro castles consist of two very strong and unconquerable castles located 10 km northeast of Semnan in the mountainous region of Sarou. The northern castle (small Saroi) has been somewhat destroyed due to time and natural disasters and inclination. Southern castle (Great Saroi) is one of the most important fortresses in the east of Iran, which seems to consist of three floors.

  • Background information

    The history of the early construction of this cave is related to the period of the Prophets and Kianis, and in the 6th and 7th centuries AD in the province of Qooses, one of the most important Ismailis centers in Iran, there were more than 150 castles available to this sect, each of which was an Idol and all The fortresses of that state are considered by one of us who is considered to be the great ruler
  • Specific information

    The first floor is located on the lagoon, the second floor is located on the lagoon and the third floor with the temple and the bathroom, as well as the residence of the castle defendants and castle elders, as well as the interesting items in this castle, the Cheshmeh Kalateh Sara water to the top of the castle It has been done by leveling the ground, and as a result, the water of the eye, which is about a few hundred meters from the castle, has been taken up and used for this purpose.
  • Outlook

    In the quadrangles of each of the Saro castles, towers are being built to watch, which is very spectacular.
  • Facilities

    One of the notable points in these castles is the existence of underground channels through which the water of Kalate Saroura rises to the top of the castle, so that they first sprinkled the fountains and dug a tunnel against it and, at a certain distance, drowned through them They have opened the air to the air. And dug for water supply at certain intervals above the ducts and wells, and the middle tubes are empty to pass through the water, and the abrasive surface rises and reaches its summit.
  • More Info

    In the post-Islamic period, considering that the state of Qomes (current Semnan) was considered one of the most important centers of the Ba'athian sects (the Ism â¯l¯s), the Saro castles, located at a very safe and invisible point, have been in existence for over two centuries The gathering center has been used by the active members of this sect. Perhaps one of the main causes of the sustainability of the residents of the castle of Gurkouh (Gonbadan castle) years after the collapse of the castle of Alamut (the capital of the Ismailis of Iran), was in possession of large and far-reaching Saro and the storage of enough food there, as well as the distance between the castles of Sarou to the castle Girkouh is 80 kilometers away, and 60 kilometers from the road.

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