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Seghar Taleghan castle

(44 رای)

1050 meters north of the village of Segaran and above the summit, surrounded by valleys surrounded by it, it is completely on the raised and single-faced, there is a historical castle known as the castle of Segaran.

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  • Address : Taleghan, the road to the village of Esta, the Noisak road, after the village of Noizak, village of Segaran

The castle is located in the east-west direction, adjoining the mountain to which it is located, with a length of 55 meters and an average of 15 meters. Around the surface of the castle is a fence built with 6 towers around it and in places where the mountain conditions determine its position. The location of the towers is such that its inhabitants can monitor and control the sides and slopes of the body of the mountain.

  • Background information

    From the castle level, pottery from various historical, especially Islamic, types has been gathered from different types, according to which the castle dates back to the second and third centuries of Islam until the end of the Timurid period.
  • Specific information

    Segaran castle was registered as a national monument in Iran on Feb. 12, 2002 with the registration number 7246.
    _All of the country: castles, stone carcasses and mortar are the fortresses, and the castle seems to have been made with great anxiety. The semi-skilled plaster, used as a mortar, has a very large grains, which are not well cooked, which has eroded parts of the castle's architecture. The castle water was supplied through tributaries that were laid between the castle and the highlands of the west.
  • More Info

    The historic castle seems to have been a settled castle, and the inhabitants of the surrounding villages were transferred to the place at the time of the invasion and danger of their property and their children and to deal with the enemy.
  • Source

    Segaran village Facebook page, Wikipedia, The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Portal

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