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Semirom Bibi Sidan waterfall

(12 رای)

Samiar Bibi Seidan Waterfall is located in a village in the same name, 30 km from Semirom. The features of the Bibi Sidan Waterfall are Semirom Valley, which can be accessed from the cute spring of Samirim and you can see the pristine nature through this path.

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  • Address : Isfahan Province - Semirom City - Bibi Sidan Village

Bibi Sidan beautiful waterfall at the end of this city, located along the river Semirum (Kasgan) and at the entrance of the Strait called the Nazi Strait, where the city connects to the Yasuj road. The river creates a spectacular and eye-catching view of its clear waters, passing through the towering cliffs of the Strait, along with the brilliant springs along the way.

  • Best time

    This area attracts many tourists every year in the heat season.
  • More Info

    Bibi Sidan is a village in the 30th kilometer of Semirom in Isfahan Province, where a beautiful river passes through the same name. This waterfall is located at the entrance to the Strait of Nazi Strait near the river Semirum (Kasgan). The river creates spectacular and eye-catching views of its clear, magnificent water, passing through the cliffs of the tall cliffs along with the beautiful springs along the way.
  • Source

    Analytical News Agency Semiram (Semnah)

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