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Semnan Shoorab desert

(4 رای)

Kavir Shoorab is located in the southeast of Semnan, in Semnan province. The Shoorab River, with the northern southern direction, crosses the arena to the central city of Iran.

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The passage of this river has caused the marsh terrain of this desert area to flourish, and therefore the vegetation of the land is very small. On the margin of the shore, there are sandy beaches.

  • Specific information

    The vegetation of the area is poor and has been burnt by natural resources to prevent the storm, although it is also seen in the form of thorns of various species that are not found in the depths of the other desert. You can refer to snakes, camels and gooseberries.
  • Outlook

    Shorab Water river is completely saturated with salt at this point. The river has some very interesting features. The waters of the Shorub river flow like gypsum slurry in the stream. On the edges of the river, a thick layer of salt deposits has created a smooth, polished white surface. After crossing the Shorav River, the land is completely free from vegetation and the Red Mountain is about 5 km south-east. Red Mountain is renowned for its red hills. The erosion on the slopes of this mountain has created beautiful scenery, so that it is blown up by the winds under the rocks laminating up the hills, creating beautiful shapes. From here you can move on the edge of the Red Mountain. On the climb path there are many charm that can be found in the salt crystals between the valleys, as well as faults and colored layers of the earth.

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