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Sepehsalar rectangular vestibule

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The village of Taqiye Sepahsalar in Asara area has beautiful nature, old rural houses, fruit gardens, various springs and mountains suitable for climbing. The tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim (AS) is named after Sepahsalar and son of Burhanuddin from the descendants of Imam Zain Al-Abedin is in his place.

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The Chalus road is known as a place for recreation and leisure hours along the rushing river and shady trees of the pleasant air. But it is a rugged road that is passing through the tunnels and the Amir Kabir Dam lake, with a warm and minded people, hard-working and resistant to the severe cold of the winter. A beautiful area near the river that leads to the dam. Not far from Asarah, a road in the mountain range, which takes passengers to the 600-strong village of Sepahsalar, who has taken the Imam Zadeh himself. At the beginning of the road, a colored board and burning sunlight will guide the travelers to this Imam Zadeh

  • Background information

    This village actually got its name from the title of Imam Zadeh (Ibrahim). Imam Zadeh Ibrahim (peace be upon him), the sepulcher of the Prophet's Masoumeh (PBUH), who had come along with the Imam Zadeh, David and Toni, to visit Imam Reza (AS), in which the enemy was attacked by the way and some of the Imam Zadeh to the mountains of this The area has been sheltered, Imam Zadeh Ibrahim, who were wounded, were hiding in the cave, where they were martyred, and now their cellar is located in the same place as the mouth of the cave.
  • Specific information

    Sepahsalar Village has special features due to its vicinity to Shrine of Imamzadeh Ibrahim (AS). The village can be equipped as a place for tourists and pilgrims, and with the construction of the hotel and tourist attractions, the economic and recreational facilities of many tourists can be attracted to the village.
  • Outlook

    There is a river running through the village, which is the source of the lush greenery of the village; it finally leads to the Karaj River. The car goes to the foot of the mountain, but to visit the holy hill of Imamzadeh Ibrahim (AS), he must cross the wooden bridge over the river onto the river and reach the distance of about 300,200 meters on a narrow and dirt road. Race to the top of the mountain. The road that grows up everywhere, the beauty and the pleasurable landscape of the village, which is in front of you, doubles.
  • More Info

    In the book of Bahrainisab, Ibrahim b. Burhanuddin ibn Muhammad Hussein ibn Asghar ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBUH) is known as the Sepahsalar, Sepahsalar of the Masoumeh branch of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), along with the shrine of the Prophet (Masoumeh) for the pilgrimage of Imam Reza In the area of Alamut Ashkur Gilan, a defeat was made in the war and the army was fired, and he was injured in the hands of enemies in Asara, who would take refuge in the mountain cave in the present place and testify here. At the place of martyrdom of this magnanim is the Holy Moghaddasi, where the Imam Zahi is installed there. Every year pilgrimage of thousands of pilgrims is interested from all over the country. The hospitality of the kind and hospitable people of this village has caused the pilgrims and tourists Add more.

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