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Shahid Bahonar Forest Park Kerman

(25 رای)

Shahid Bahonar Forest Park is one of the respiratory lungs of Kerman, which is in fact a property of natural resources, but it has been rented by the municipality of Kerman so that people can easily use their recreational facilities. . This park is located at the current Shahid Ayatollah Sadoughi Boulevard in Kerman.

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The area of Shahid Bahonar Forest Park in Kerman is 258,900 square meters, with 3260 square meters allocated to green space. In this park, planted trees and trees such as pine, cypress, elm and bitter olives, whose number of trees and shrubs is more than 10,000.

  • Specific information

    Shahid Bahonar Forest Park in Kerman has remained untouched since the past, while its other counterpart in Kerman has witnessed widespread street sweeping and construction of large buildings and centers in recent years.
    Martyr Bahonar Forest Park has had an open space for playing and recreation of the people of Kerman, which is still in progress, but no new streets have been set up in this complex.
    For years, this complex has become less important and the forest park has become a remote forest in the heart of Kerman, but it has gradually been restored, and although the park still has not yet reached its place, the creation of paintball and silent training academies in the forest Sowing has added a bit to the boom of the collection, but still many Kerman children still search for themselves in this park.

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