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Shahrokhi School

(3 رای)

This school is located in the east of the mosque and the northwest corner of it is located seven meters from Ivan Oljeito and is one of the valuable buildings of the Bastam historical complex and has also been nationalized.

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This school, which, according to architects of Bastam, is about 55 years ago, is a branch of the Center for Early Learning and is now also used as the Baqir al-ulum School of theology.

  • Background information

    Shahrokh built a Shahrokhieh school in Herat in 813 and taught scholars such as Mohiyeddin Ghazali Tuasi and Yousef Obebi and Naseroddin Lotfollah.
  • Specific information

    The Shahrokhi school, dating back to the time of Shahrokh-e-Tejori, runs from within the Bayazıd complex and from the alley behind it, but in the Bayezid complex, and if you want to visit it, you should enter the alleyway.
  • Outlook

    First Floor (Ground): The first floor of the school has the rooms mentioned above, but with the difference that the porch in front of the chamber does not have access to each other. But on the second floor, this practice has been well implemented. In the three corners of the four corners of the school, there are three stairs that go to the second floor of the school, made entirely of bricks, without decorations, or even brickwork.
  • Recommendation

    There are two types of vaults used to wear the ceiling of the porch in front of the chambers: 1. A curtain arches used on the verandahs in front of the second floor chambers. 2. The Azeri clay vaulted on the verandahs in front of the rooms of the first floor or Ground is used

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