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Shahrood Alborz Roodkhaneh

(17 رای)

Shahrood Alborz River is current from the southern highlands of Mazandaran and Taleghan, and its name means the great river that joins above the Taleghan and forms the Shahrood River; the glory of the river is so that on this Great dam has been constructed.

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Shahrood River with a length of 175 km, is formed from the joining of the two rivers of Taleghan Rood and Alamoot River in Shirkouh village. This river has east-west direction from Alamut area of Qazvin province and Taleghan city of Alborz Province and after receiving about 35 branches, at Manjil dam, it flows into Lake Sefidrud dam.

  • Specific information

    Shahroud River is one of the mountainous rivers in terms of climatic characteristics, rainfall regime, hydrologic system and other characteristics. This river is always flooding, and by the end of the spring, there is a lot of mud and mud along the water, and its alluvium is significant for the sculptures around it.

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