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Shirband's Cave

(7 رای)

Shirband's Cave is one of the most beautiful examples of Iran's caves, located 12 km northeast of Damghan.

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  • Address : Semnan - Damghan city

The building of the cave, because it is located in a series of calcareous Plateau, has extremely high construction. The main course of the cave extends to the north by 350 meters, but several subsidiary branches are in the form of small, blocked and non-blocked straits of the left and right factions.
The mouth of this cave is located in a rocky hill that is 50 meters high from the river bed. Entrance Cave about 1 meters high and have to crawl into the cave, some parts very tight and must be between rocky limestone as crawling and Some parts are very spacious, with the height of the ceiling in some areas reaching 30 to 40 meters. This cave is about 800 meters long.

  • Background information

    Geologists dating the rocks and pillars of this mountain and cave to 136-190 million years ago.
  • Specific information

    Bats are seen everywhere in the cave that do not pose a danger, but in the summer, should be care for snakes or other reptiles. because these reptiles turn to cold and humid places to cool their bodies, where caves are a good place for them.
  • Outlook

    In this cave, cresset and beautiful pillars of limestone hang in the colors and sizes of the ceiling of the cave. In the walls of the cave, due to the deposition of calcite carbonate, water-soluble calcium forms are very white and beautiful, such as the plasterings of palaces and houses of flowers, and the collection of needle-shaped crystals, has created beautiful and interesting landscapes that are the masterpieces of creation.
  • Must know

    For proper access to this cave, I have been driving 10 km of old road, Get to the good weather of shirband village. Then, 1.5 km of the road on the eastern side of the farm continues to the village of Mazandaran. The next new road to the left is 500 meters to the north. The mouth of the cave is located in a cliff mountain that is 50 meters high from the river bed.
  • Source

    Dana's Information Network - Dahi's Analytical News Feed