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Shirkhalah Shahmirzad

(47 رای)

Shahrekhaleh castle or Sheikh Cheshmeh castle is located 5 km north of Shahmirzad city, and also the height of the mountain that is located at the top of the castle is about 250 meters taller than the surrounding land.

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  • Address : Semnan - Shahmirzad

This mountainous castle is based on archeological studies with Parthian and Sasanian period infrastructure. However, the castle's castle during the Islamic era was also considered one of the strongholds of Espahbodan of Tabaristan and also based on the historical documents used by the Ismailis.

  • Background information

    This castle dates back to the Sasanian times, and even based on documentation of the Parthian period, more than 1800 years since its creation, now of its 7 towers, there are 5 towers, and the rainstorms are also well seen
  • Specific information

    The castle lion is related to the rule of Tabarestan, which was ruled in the Parthian period in areas of Iran and built the fortress to protect the highway of Silk Road. In the fifth and sixth centuries, the Ismaili religions, whose center is Alamut Qazvin Castle They used this fortress and built an underground tunnel narration from the castle to Cheshmeh Castle to use spring water and protect the enemies from the foes.
  • Outlook

    The castle lion, which consists of the main materials, consists of seven fortresses and reinforcements. These towers have no regular dimensions, and their height is not the same due to the roughness of the surface of the mountain, and apparently in the past, the military fortress has a gate on the south side of it, as well as the inner spaces of Shahmirzad castle now after centuries Buried under the ground, but the walls and its towers are fairly healthy.
  • Recommendation

    The castle also has an artificial waterfall extending from above it to the bottom. At the foot of this castle there is a spring called Shekh Cheshmehr, also called the source, and is the perfect place to have fun and stay, including the spring of large walnut trees. And the river is a good weather that makes it more pleasant. There is also an open-air coffee shop.
  • Must know

    Simple and convenient access is possible only on one side of the castle, which is the direction in which the entrance door is located, as well as access to other parts is very difficult and should pass through beautiful and spectacular cliffs.
  • More Info

    Access to the castle from within Shimrozad (30km northwest of Semnan) and about 30 minutes of mountain birding is possible.

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