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Shoghab Park of Bushehr

(45 رای)

:  Shoghab Park is one of the most beautiful and historic boosters in Bushehr port. Its location beside the Gulf coast has provided a unique and beautiful landscape, and on the other hand, due to the almost perfect facilities in the park for tourists. Which are traveling to Bushehr.

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  • Address : Bahmani Street, opposite the Bushehr Air Force Hospital

The park can be used for Nowruz holidaymakers on New Year's holidays or other tourists in other seasons of the year, a beautiful area for their camps to be used in addition to security of nature and pleasant weather of Bushehr Shoghab Park.

  • Background information

    Bushehr Shoghab Park has underground works of the Ilamian period under its soil. Currently, this historic site is used as a gardens.
  • More Info

    Other coastal gardens are located along the banks of the Bushehr coastline. If you have a population density of tourists, you can go to Bushehr coastal parks such as Qavam Garden of Bushehr, Coral Bastion, Bushehr Bastion, Student Park or Sands of Water

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