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Shosh castle

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  • Address : : Khuzestan, Shosh, Ancient Shosh, Taleghani Street.

Castle is a castle built by Jacques de Morgan for the residence of French archaeologists near the Tomb of Daniel the Prophet on Shosh on historical piles. Among the most important works of these hills, one can mention the famous Captain Napier Assoston, the famous cups of Shoosh, and the role of a muzzle and Hammurabi's law.

  • Background information

    The first archeological movements in the historic site of Susa began in 1851 by Kent Lofthus, a move by Jean and Marcel Diyolfo later on. Due to the exploration of the treasures and the discovery of valuable works as well as insecurity, the French delegation decided to build a place on this historic site, and in 1897 it was built by Jacques de Morgan, the castle of Susa. The materials of this castle were also made from the works discovered in excavations.
  • Specific information

    The castle of Susa has carved rocks, and was constructed by the French using the Iranian workforce and the Fili family guarding the construction of the building and Hajj Mostafa Dezfuli.
  • Outlook

    Shosh castle is two floors. The main texture of the walls is of clay with a cladding of bricks. Bricks are related to different historical periods, the French used the bosom of artifacts in the construction of the castle of Susa. The architectural elements include Roman arches, arches and brick decoration, all of which are based on Iranian architecture and the entire building was built by two architects of Dezful.
  • More Info

    The castle of Shosh, like the medieval castles of Europe, consists of 2 courtyards, the second courtyard is higher than the first courtyard. Under the second courtyard, there are 2 halls (basements).

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