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Sirjan salt desert

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Sirjan salt desert is located 30 km west of Sirjan city. The length of this desert is about 50 kilometers and its width in the middle part is 20 kilometers, and as you move north or south, its width decreases.

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  • Address : Kerman Province, Sirjan, km 27, Sirjan road toward Shiraz, village of Kheirabad

Sirjan salt desert is now a huge saline solution that has indirectly affected the Sirjan Plain basin, either in the case of a saltwater lake or in a state of dry and desiccated salt. The surface of the swamp is covered with thick Salt is covered.
The salt swamp covers the northwest, west to southwest of the Sirjan plain, and its sequel is broken down to the plain of Babak city.

  • Specific information

    Sirjan's pond is 1260 meters above sea level and 1458 meters below the tallest peaks of its surrounding altitudes. The Sirjan desert is asymmetrically opposed to the western blue hole in the narrow valley. The fossils of the larger northeast, along with the huge sand dunes, reduce the surface of the desert.
    There is a limited number of conifers and sand dunes with agricultural fields, many of which are now covered with sand. The southern floaters are much smaller than the northern ones. They are also developed from the south on the surface of the desert. The surface of the desert is covered with wind turbines. The soil of this desert is a type of clay plate. Underground waters move from the north to the south under the sand dunes and enter the desert.
  • Must know

    Roads from Sirjan to the village of Sharif Abad (western Sirjan) - After passing through Sharif Abad, about 20 km distance reaches Sirjan desert. Second route: Sirjan asphalt path to Niriz passes through the south of Sirjan salt desert.
  • More Info

    The sand dunes around this desert are fixed and are of a hollow and longitudinal hill type. The general direction of these hills in the northern part of the desert has a northern south direction and in the southern part of the north-west direction - the southeast. Groundwater level is high in this desert.

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