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Sitan Anthropology Museum (Zabul)

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Sistan Museum of Anthropology is considered one of the most beautiful museums in the province, located in the city of Zabul. At the beginning of the 19th century, the building of the Museum of Anthropology in Sistan was built by the United Kingdom as a consulate for colonial purposes in the region.

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The Museum of Anthropology of Sistan, the Zabul Museum of Anthropology, is located on an area of 3,952 square meters and a building of 1,000 and 125 square meters.
Cultural heritage lovers can travel 5,000 years ago to Sistan's Museum of Anthropology, and with the rich culture and civilization of the past, the people of Sistan, especially the people of the burned city, will certainly not be unpopular.

  • Background information

    In 1368, this building was named as a temporary treasure and cultural heritage representation in the city of Zabul.
    Since 1968, measures have been taken to renovate the building, which lasted 18 years until finally in the ninth state and in the year 85 the Sithan Museum of Anthropology began its activities.
    In the year 85, with the allocation of credit for 50 million USD, the necessary items and anthropology items were purchased.
    In the following periods, the credits allocated to this museum are completed, as 80% of the museum's construction is now in accordance with the standards.

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