Slabshahr Shalmash Sardasht

(35 رای)

Shlmash waterfall with lush gardens along with scattered forests is one of the most important waterfalls in the province of Azarbaijan and in the city of Sardasht.

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  • Address : West Azarbaijan Province - Sardasht.

Shalmash waterfall is located 15 km south of Sardasht city and is considered as the small branch of the small Zab river. The cascade consists of three cascades; three cascades are arranged in succession, the first of which is located near the parking lot and the parking lot. To see the next two cascades, you must lower the fairly large distance and enter the deep gates. Now it is easier and less risky to set up stairs and fences up and down the valley.

  • Best time

    Shalmash waterfall is now a recreational area that is headed for Sardasht every year, especially in the heat of the season, thousands of different regions, especially Kurdish cities, see it.
    In the spring, this waterfall is filled with its heaviest days. The weather is cold until mid-May, but from May 1st until mid-fall, it can be a good time to travel to the area.
  • Must know

    The Sardasht route to the Shalmash waterfall is a beautiful, full-bodied path. The road is asphalted and suitable until the waterfall is 20 minutes.
  • More Info

    According to the Scouts of the area, "Shelmesh" means a very large stone bed, which is probably due to the height of the waterfall and the rocky texture of the area.

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