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Sohan Taleghan

(32 رای)

Sohan Village is one of the most famous and beautiful areas of Taleghan, located 4 km above the Taleghan dam. This village has natural attractions and interesting vegetation that can be appealing to nature enthusiasts.

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Sohan village is located at 36 degrees 13 minutes and 12 seconds northern latitude, at 50 degrees, 39 minutes and 9 seconds east, and elevation is about 2150 sea level.
The area of land in the village of Sohan, with a width of about 4 and a length of about 15 km, from the west side with the village of Kasrok and village of Kash, from the south and southwest with the lands of the villages and the villages of Shahrasar, from the south with the crown and lake of Taleghan dam From the south east side of the village of Arumut, from the east and northeastern side of the village of Danbelide and the northern slopes of Kuh-Stone Mountain, and northwest of the Alhou-Chal area, with the lands of the village of Aweh Alamut.

  • Outlook

    Most of the streets of Sohan village are wide enough to cross large sheep and cattle (now vehicles). In addition, the structure of the old and large houses is such that some houses have different parts, including a trap for keeping livestock, a house and an inner, outer, courtyard and mansion house, and the remains of old windows and wooden doors are also in It is seen. There is also a late Soltani house with a great deal in the village, which has a very beautiful architecture.
  • Best time

    In the villages of Sohan, especially in the spring and early summer, there are a variety of wild flowers.
  • Facilities

    Now the village of Sohan has a baker, bake a week or two. In addition, there are several shops in the village. Unfortunately, due to the large migration of people to the surrounding towns, other rural shops, as well as high schools, primary schools, public health and public buildings, are now abandoned.
  • More Info

    In the inner regions of the village and gardens, a variety of productive and non-productive trees, in the marginal areas and downstream, there are a variety of arable plants and car plants. Also, in the mountainous areas of Jir and Jere Kuh Sohan, a variety of medicinal plants and mountains are observed. Because of good rainfall, especially in the spring, the vegetation is quite green and all kinds of wild flowers, all over the region.
    The fruit trees used in the gardens are: Walnut (Jebel), Apple (Saif), Yellow Plum (Shellank), Green Tomato (Aluk), Prune, Alushia, Grape, Pear, Almond, Zal Zalak (Kahri) Cherry, Cinderella, Fandouk and the like
  • Pros

    Mobile antenna coverage is available in most areas of the country and even to the northern heights of the village.
  • Source

    Photos and Content: Hossein Zeinali Website

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