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Souhan Village

(36 رای)

Souhan Village is one of the most famous and beautiful in Taleghan County (centeral-southern zones), Alborz Province, Iran. It is located on the 4 K.m distance at in the north of Taleghan dam. Its elevation is about 2100 M

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  • Souhan Village
  • Souhan Village
  • Souhan Village
  • Souhan Village
Souhan Village Souhan Village Souhan Village Souhan Village مشاهده گالری

The Souhan width average is about 5 K.m and its length about 15 k.m. There is in the south of village, Taleghan dam and its lake, and fields of Roshnabdar and Shahrasar villages. There are in the southern east of Souhan, fields of Armout village, and in the east of it, Donbolid village that Malekhani valley of Donbolid is in the eastern north of kalleh Sang, Marsangedosh and Rozhdeh mountains of Souhan.

  • Background information

    in the current time they are very active in society various subjects and have been presented Magnaimous Martyrs in the passed war (attach against Iran 1980-88).
    There are many famous persons from Souhan village, in the past and today. They (or their fathers) had been born in Souhan and then had been gone to the great cities, especially Qazvin, Isfehan and Tehran (the capital of Iran in the current time) and had important jobs or famous prosperities, such as: Molla Nazar Ali Taleghani, Shekh Ali souhani, Dc. Mehdi Ghodsi, Mr. Hosein Ezam Ghodsi and etc.
  • Specific information

    Shahrak town is small city in center of Taleghan near the Shahrood river. The Souhan village is in the west of Shahrak with 20 K.m distance at the north of Taleghan dam. General way to the Taleghan dam and low Taleghan villages is in the west of Shahrak and from Glinak village and the upper and the around lake and passing of Ardakan, Armoot villages forwards Taleghan dam.
  • Outlook

    The souhan border in the north is AlhooChall and BoyehChall and mountains of Aveh village of Alamoot. In the west of village, form north until south, is Kasheroo and Kash villages and their fields and mountains.
    For elevation and position of village it has good view to Taleghan dam and around villages. It is in the path of various winds and its weather is very good and enjoyable.
  • Best time

    In spring and summer seasons, the Souhan village, has many mountainous plants which are useful for any thing! The Souhan waterfall in the western north and KallehSang cave in the east and in border to Donbolid village and many gardens in around of village are interactive places for visiting.
  • Recommendation

    Left path is main way forwards village but before of it, there are cemetery and disused high school and olden clinic. Then to central SQ which its olden name is Asalisar, but it is told parking today! In the north of SQ is the famous and very olden plantain that its local name is Chenar Dar (plantain tree). It has 7 main boughs and is a big tree and is respectable for native people.
    Also drinkable water of Souhan is from Heydar Cheshmeh (spring) at the 8 K.m of the north village which is one of the best mineral water in Taleghan.
  • Must know

    there is an olden way for going to Alamoot. This route is a mountainous way from the north of Souhan village in Taleghan toward Aveh village in Alamoot and then to the north of country (Sehezar summits and Tonkabon city)
    Private way of Souhan is separated from main way in the north of Taleghan dam and has a signpost. Souhan private way is about 3 K.m and is passed from KallehChall, Boordasht and Mianrah fields. There is in the north of way, the south of Kalleh Sang mountains. Before one K.m untill village, the way is divided two sections in the Shahid Mansoori zone who is martyred as pilot in war. High way is for use in the north of village and Miyanrah feilds.
    Also Souhan valleys and mountains are very interactive to climb and there are many ways to summits. But the best and the most interactive of mountainous places in Souhan are located in the Kalleh Sang summits (about 3500 elevation) which are fully rocky peaks with grand cliffs in top of them.
  • Facilities

    The souhan village have several stores and a bakeshop and transmission center (& access to internet). It is a mountainous village and the most of houses are located such as west-east line in down of foothill.
  • More Info

    In the western north of Souhan village, is way towards HaftCheshmeh (7 springs) gardens. Also in the west of village is a deep valley which its name is Oskool. In the south is drivable sandy way forwards Kasheroo village and non-drivable way to Roshnabdar village. The most of homes and farms of Souhan are in the east side of it and forwads Nogal and Miyanrah zones which has a sandy way toward Donbolid village.
    The people jobs, in past, were farming and ranch (specifically mutton & goat) and handcraft. Today it is only a grange village with many gardens which in the winter, its homes are empathy and very few people lives in it. But in summer and spring specifically in weekend and holidays, are seen very people (pensioners) which are resided with their guests.
    There are two major mountains in the north of Souhan village. The first is the low mountains that its name in local accent “Jirehkooh”. It is contain all of hills from the north of village until Danehkhani, Goshani saddle and Marsangedoosh and Kalleh Sang summits and until famous Souhan waterfall and Heydar Cheshmeh in the western north and until Margedasht, Zalangah and Kalleh Sang cave in the east if village.
  • By Car It is starting from Azadi SQ in the west of Tehran (the capital) via Tehran-Karaj-Qazvin highway. There is Abeyek city in the 90 K.m and after another 5 K.m, Taleghan and Ziyaran way at right side (the north) of the highway. Then after about 40 K.m is the great Taleghan valley and Shahrood (Taleghanrood) river in the above Taleghan lake.

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